Microsoft introduced an Outlook update, which focuses on smarter features meant to help you save time. Some of the features highlight Outlook’s usefulness in the workplace – like new meeting room suggestion capabilities and RSVP tracking. But others, particularly on mobile, are more innovative – like Quick Reply which turns email replies into chats – or Office Lens, which enhances attached photos.

Better calendar features, mobile apps, and new bill reminders

Outlook will also offer users better way of managing locations and meeting rooms, complete with suggestions on what time to leave to make a meeting. The location and context-aware features of Outlook will allow it to learn from your meeting preferences and suggest locations that follow your habits closely.

Already live on Windows, Mac and Android); view Office 365 Groups’ events in Outlook and OneNote (Outlook for iOS in June); block email tracking like those from marketers (Android in May): and new features for enterprise customers to protect sensitive data.Not all these mobile features will be available to users immediately — check out Microsoft’s full blog post on the matter.