Retail has changed considerably in the past twenty years. While e-commerce initially transformed retail, Wi-Fi is behind the next wave of change and retailers are vigorously embracing various technologies to redefine everything from merchandising to customer care.

Wi-Fi in particular enhances the consumer’s ability to stay connected anytime and anywhere. With Wi-Fi, the second a shopper walks into the store, the point of sale expands from the register to the customer’s smartphone. As a result, the retailer can more closely and promptly engage the customer with its brand offering.

Retail wi-fi -> location-based analytics

Retailers today need every competitive advantage available to. In-store WiFi providing customer analytics, location based services, and social WiFi marketing are the keys to engaging customers while they’re in your store and ready to convert. You can easily achieve this by using Meraki gear, and the company has published a blog with options and ideas.

Start Transforming Your Stores Today

Stores today have the option to leverage Wi-Fi and the Cloud to deliver value beyond connectivity. These values include engagement with customers through their mobile devices, tracking and analyzing shopper behavior, with many more.