As new business models keep emerging, we see lots of companies struggling to keep their business continuity. Those companies that managed to shift quickly and adapt to the new situation are the ones who could respond to new challenges. Of course, this was made possible by using IT technology.

Today customers expect something called digital experience, which is actually the ability to buy various goods and services online, without having to leave their home. Businesses that are not able to deliver that kind of experience to customers, probably have lots of problems at the moment. 

Since most applications as backend use the public cloud and lots of services on the internet rely on the public cloud as well, we can say that the public cloud basically enables the development of new business models. That is why we put so much emphasis on it. 

One of the most important things in business is the ability to respond to customer’s requests. You can either do in the old, outdated way, or you can adapt and embrace all the benefits of new technologies and give your customers what they need. As the customer’s expectations arise, your business should be able to respond to that as well. 

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