Since networking usually represents huge costs for the company, business executives often have many questions related to networking and are wondering how to reduce those costs.

We are continuing our series on IT for business executives with a new intranet vs internet video. Although that topic was covered in one of the last years’ videos, we felt the need to discuss the differences between the intranet and the internet once again because there are many companies that still rely on the intranet not knowing all the risks and downfalls of using such technologies today. 

An intranet is mostly used by companies with on-premise installations, legacy applications and virtual private networks. Although by definition intranet sounds secure, that is usually not the case. With the advent of mobile devices and the public cloud, applications moved to the internet and most modern applications now have their own security features that enable them to be available on the public internet. 

The fact is that an intranet is a thing of the past and is pretty obsolete in the mobile device era. Instead of spending money on building insecure private networks, a much better idea is to migrate your workloads to the cloud, use the power of the public cloud and open your company to the internet. 

So as a business executive, make sure your company is up to date with new technologies and follows best practices when it comes to networking. Explore our intranet vs internet video for more details and make sure to subscribe to our UseWise channel to receive notifications of new videos.