Following up on our previous video Intranet vs Internet, in the last week’s video we focused on firewalls and networking. We wanted to explain how firewalls came to be so important over the years and what are the downsides of using firewalls today.

Firewalls were used to protect unsecured applications and intranet environments. In today’s world where people use mobile devices, web applications, and public resources, firewalls are becoming more of a problem since they are not protecting applications in a public environment and they can cause a lot of security flaws.

Firewalls also represent a huge cost and are not a suitable solution for protecting assets in the modern era. We intend to offer business executives alternative solutions, different ways to protect their data, and implement security.
In the video, we also discussed the additional costs of migrating from IPv4 to IPv6 and the impact that it will have on the intranet environment.
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