Artificial intelligence is one of those fields that intrigues people very much, and they often tend to connect it to things like science fiction. But the reality is that artificial intelligence is a part of our lives for quite some time and is developing fast. 

If you use things like face recognition on your smartphone or mobile app for language learning that relies on AI algorithms, you are already in touch with AI. Transportation, health care, education, culture…AI is present in almost every field of life and business.

Artificial intelligence is a discipline that was invented in the 50s as a way of emulating and replicating biological processes. Since its invention, people expected a lot from AI, and there were several artificial intelligence investments in projects that unfortunately failed.  

One of the first successful AI applications was Optical character recognition (OCR), which today is performed better by machines than humans. 

Today it is possible to make deepfake videos or audio recordings using AI, where it is almost impossible to distinguish is that the real person we are seeing or hearing or a machine-generated image/voice. Moreover, it is possible to generate faces that don’t even exist. Maybe some of these things sound scary, but as with any other technology, artificial intelligence as well can be used for good or bad. 

If used correctly and responsibly, AI can really help us automate lots of tasks, improve our lives and businesses and take them to a completely new level. AI is enabling us things that were unimaginable in the past like, for example, voice assistants, driverless cars and much more. 
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