Multi-cloud is becoming sort of a buzzword. As with any buzzword, there will be some comics made to ridicule them, some so-called experts jumping aboard the buzzword train that will give accolades and tell you about how amazing multi-cloud is. However, as in each of the great concepts, the great truth lying in it will be just within the reach and helping companies that truly grasp the concept to get ahead and beat their competition.

Why is multi-cloud important? It is very simple. Because choosing the way you do your business is unique for each and everyone. The same goes for your move to the cloud. You should not be making those decisions lightly, it should be the result of a detailed analysis of your needs, present and future ones. It should also be the result of the understanding of how you do your business and what your business is all about. This is where multi-cloud comes into play. Your needs and wants are unique and you deserve the best of all worlds that are out there. You should not be the victim of trends or your past mistakes. If G Suite enables full collaboration among your employees and this is exactly what you need you should not go with the solution that is not as good. What you should also not do is lock yourself in with one vendor. Combining various solutions and being aware of choices in the cloud computing market is important as well.

Miadria Group can help with all those choices. We have over eight years of experience in what you call multi-cloud, we are truly vendor agnostic and can help you choose the best solution for your needs. Contact us to find out more.