With the dawn of computers and the internet connecting everyone worldwide, it has become easier to work away from the office, however, this means that for the working class, going on vacation isn’t what it used to be – if you’re still working, then it’s not a vacation. right? Right.


Given that stress from work is one of the main reasons for going on holiday, it is ironic that people go on holiday just to work there. Despite the inevitability of this scenario due to the modern needs of work, here are some tips to smoothen out your working holiday:


1. Set expectations with your boss

Let your boss know your general schedule, and how important this vacation is to you, especially after spending so many days and nights at the office working on their projects. Make sure they know this is a recharging phase for when you come back ready to hit the ground running.

2. Delegate

List down all your projects, meetings and clients, and delegate these to colleagues to help you out while you are away. If you’ve done if for them before, they are likely to return the favor.

3. Handover documents

According to The Telegraph, it is useful to have a quick guide for bosses and colleagues on where to find certain files or handle certain tasks. Keeping your filing cabinet or computer folders orderly labeled is also a good way of ensuring nobody contacts you unnecessarily.

4. Contact hours

Let the office know how they can contact you in case there is a work emergency. An update or an email to be checked at your own time is alright, but set the line if they demand phone calls every couple of hours.

5. Relax

Enjoy your holiday, because this is the chance to recharge and spend time with your friends, your family, and yourself. A relaxing vacation should recharge and energize a weary office worker.


To sum it up: keep your productivity up with these tips. https://goo.gl/tc8Ygi and remember not to work longer hours but smarter hours.