Google Maps hosts many fantastic features. It’s been used for finding dogs, helping you travel without an internet connection, or taking you around the world from your desk, it’s a major source of innovation. You can even use Google Maps without an Internet connection, thanks to this hack.

With the guest list estimated at over half a million foreigners, having entire huge crowds of people wandering aimlessly about the city in search of the venue for an Olympic event could become a major issue.

Google announced on their Google Maps blog that they plan to help people deal with that issue.Google Maps will offer a tour of the 25 indoor venues and enhanced views of the 12 outdoor venues that will host the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer.

“Using indoor maps is easy,” Google writes on its blog. “Just open Google Maps on your computer or mobile phone, search for a place that has indoor maps, zoom into the place, and click on it. At the bottom right side of the screen, choose among the floors and levels of the building. Points of interest like concessions, restrooms, information desks, and ATM machines are highlighted for easy identification.”