Microsoft is updating its OneNote app for Windows 10, adding the ability to graph math equations. The feature is part of the Ink math assistant, which helps to solve equations.

OneNote for Windows 10 already allows graphing mathematical equations but the new OneNote update for Windows 10 has brought a series of new features, but we highlight very useful features for those who want extra help for their math assignments. There is the ability to drag and drop pages and sections, recover deleted notes, organize sections into groups, use full color emoji, and more.


OneNote for Windows 10 will now graph math equations for you

In this version OneNote extends to all the function that allows graphing mathematical equations with just a few clicks and selecting some options. The procedure is very simple, we just have to write the equation, go to the Draw section and with the selection of loop choose it and click on the Math icon >> 2D graphic.

In the blog of Microsoft they share the step by step how to graph equations using OneNote, so we can take a look at this link.