One of the most expected things in Google office solution has just happened!!! Google Keep, a  note-taking app like Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote, is today being integrated into Google’s suite of applications aimed at businesses, G Suite (AKA Google Apps). Google Keep is flexible, easy to use and has a great home screen widget for Android devices. Now, it’s also useful for creating professional documents.

This allows Keep to become a part of users’ workflow for capturing ideas, jotting down quick reminders or to-dos, creating checklists, taking meeting notes and more. Along with its addition to G Suite, Google Keep is also now being integrated with Google Docs so you can rifle through all your notes and drag their contents right into your new document.

Now you can grab notes, including images and checklists, and pull them right into your document.

Additionally, as a G Suite core service, Keep will receive the same level of technical support and service as Gmail or Google Drive. This also means inclusion to the G Suite terms of service and availability on the Status Dashboard.

In Docs , you’ll find Keep under the Tools menu. Enable it, then you can drag and drop notes from the side panel into your document. Perhaps more useful, you can also highlight text in Docs, right-click it, then select “Save to Keep notepad” to save it as a new note.

Capture ideas in Google Keep, bring them to life in Google Docs!

According to Google, the new Docs-Keep integration should roll out to everyone on G Suite over the next few days.