Google  broadened its cloud-based presentation service with an array of new options designed to help users become more productive.

In addition to tighter integration with Google Keep, it now lets you link elements between presentations, and comes with some major design and functionality tweaks.

Integrations and customization

What’s the best way to extend a product’s usefulness without developing features yourself? Open up to third-party integrations via add-ons — and that is exactly what Google is doing now with Slides.

Google is bringing closer Keep and Slides via a new drag-and-drop integration. When you import something from Keep, Slides automatically populates the title and description fields of your presentation based on what it thinks your talk is about.

One Slide To Rule Them All

Another notable update relates to “linked slides,” which is basically a tool that lets you synchronize slides from different presentations so that when you update one, all the rest are updated too.

These are some of the most potentially useful changes, just because of their flexibility. Read the full article here.