Google announced an update to Forms, its service for building online surveys to collect information. That means the tool will get smarter and easier to use so that people will have to be less hands-on with it. It will also be saving them more time so they can be more efficient and can devote time to other equally or perhaps more important tasks. Hoooray!

As part of the update to Google Forms, one of the improvements included is intelligent response validation, and from time to time (whenever it’s possible to do so) Google Forms will make a suggestion to users to validate a response that was issued by the person filling out a Google Form based on the questions that are asked by the form’s creator.

If you are asking for an email address, for example, Forms will suggest to choose the aptly named “Accept emails only” option. The same goes for URLs, age and similar fields.

Forms users will now also be able to solicit file uploads from users outside of their company — but only if both your company and your respondent’s company allow cross-domain file sharing in Google Drive.

Google also is introducing a new question type: the checkbox grid. This allows respondents to pick from multiple options in a table.

These new features are now available in the Rapid Release channel and will come to all users in two weeks.