Google’s new travel app is gaining features fast and we can’t believe how it’s been growing – the right way.

Seemingly random price changes can be one of the most frustrating parts of booking a flight. Now, Google is making it easier to know when prices will change so you can get a better deal on airfare.

In short, it will show you when prices are expected to increase for certain flights, so you can book before the tickets become more expensive.


The new features are rolling out to the Google Flights website (the service still doesn’t have its own dedicated app yet) “in the coming weeks,” according to Google.

You’ll also be able to save the trips you’re researching on the Flights mobile app, so you don’t waste any time re-entering your destination and flight dates.

“Tips can include things like recommendations for alternate airports or dates,” Google  writes in a blog post.

As for hotels, Google will now let you filters hotels by those that are unusually underpriced, and notify you of any savings if you’re a hotel loyalty member.