Update your spoof-busting DKIM keys


DKIM is term for cryptographic key that domains use to sign e-mail originating from them or passing through them – to validate to a recipient that the domain in the headerof an e-mail is correct and that it indeed cames from the stated domain.

For non-technical readers, think of this as a secret code that the computer at the other end can use to recognize and be sure that an email is authentical.

For security reasons, the DKIM standard is keys that are at least 1,024 bits in length. However, Google wants more security than that. Why? Spoofing is gaining on popularity and protecting your domain is of utmost importance. Yet, it should be done automatically and for all users. Google has great news for Google Apps admins –  2048-bit DKIM keys.

Google Apps customers that have their own domains can follow these steps that Google recommends for generating a domain key (how-to), updating your DNS records with your domain provider (how-to), and activating DKIM authentication (how-to).

Customers who follow these steps automatically receive domain keys that are 1024-bits long.