In March of this year, SAP and Google partnered to advance innovation, agility and global reach for enterprises adopting the public cloud.

Customers of the Google Cloud Platform that want extra assurance about the security and integrity of their critical business data can now get software giant SAP to act as a custodian for them.

The data custodian model

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) already offers robust security capabilities and extensive compliance with public cloud security and privacy standards. The custodian model is designed to ensure that enterprises with specific requirements for managing sensitive data in the cloud now have a way of verifying compliance with those requirements.

With the data custodian model, we envision enterprises defining a set of controls about how they want to handle their data on GCP, then relying on SAP, as the data custodian, to continuously monitor compliance to these controls and manage exceptions as needed. The immediate focus of the custodian model is on ensuring SAP has greater visibility over data access for Google cloud services

What are the benefits for customers?

Enterprises can benefit from the data custodian model in several ways. They can leverage SAP’s deep knowledge of GCP’s security approach, controls and workflows instead of building that expertise in-house.

oogle’s cloud services already offer multiple enterprise-grade mechanisms for protecting sensitive data in a manner compliant with regulatory requirements The measures include server and software stack security, controls for data access and data disposal, multiple authentication and intrusion-prevention controls, data-encryption tools and penetration-testing services.