We noticed that most of the companies that encountered cybersecurity issues such as data breaches, ransomware, or other forms of malicious threats are using on-premise solutions and have very troublesome security practices. That’s why we wanted to go more in-depth with this topic in our latest video on the UseWise™ channel

In the era of public cloud, internet and mobile phones new security requirements emerged that are far more demanding than enterprises have with their security practices and policies.

With mobile phones, it becomes even more important to use the public cloud since mobile phones are relying on public cloud technologies and if you combine them with on-prem solutions you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. 

The main problem is that companies are using old tools and technologies to combat modern threats. We discussed this issue earlier in our Intranet vs Internet video on the UseWise™ channel. 

Security is one of the major concerns of all public cloud vendors which is why they hire hundreds of experts in that field and constantly invest in technologies and services that protect cloud data, applications and infrastructure from various threats. 

We are also engaged in cybersecurity and are very happy to have our first application published on Google Workspace Marketplace – Sign.UseWise that can check your DNS security settings and provide you an overview of your domain health. We also have a partnership with a company that can check the security of your user’s accounts (breached passwords, login attempts..). 

Cybersecurity and public cloud

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