Custom background image themes

Themes in Gmail are great — there are tons to choose from and they give your inbox a personalized look. But Google’s heard from many of you who thought it would be even better if you could give Gmail an even more personalized look and create themes completely on your own.

For a while, you’ve been able to set your own colors, and starting today you can customize your inbox with your own background image too.
Just go to the Themes tab in Settings and choose “Create your own theme.” There, you can select background images for the main area and the footer.
You can pick from any of your Picasa images or upload a new one. Enjoy!

Email Settings API: New filters added

The following new functionality has been added to the Email Settings API:

– Forward the email
– Never send it to spam
– Star it
– Send it to trash

Ability to configure Chat settings at the organizational level

For domains that have the new interface for the Settings section in the Google Apps administrator control panel, it’s now possible to configure Chat settings at the organizational level.

This new interface should be out to all domains using the next generation control panel by the end of next week.

Languages included:
US English only (Next Generation Control Panel)

How to access what’s new:
In the administrator control panel, select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Chat’ to view the new option to configure chat settings at the ‘Org Settings’ level. This means that each organization that you’ve created can have different settings applied just to that organization.

Note: This option is only for domains that have the new ‘Settings’ interface that is currently being rolled out.