How do you go about creating a space to support collaboration, creative problem-solving and innovation?

Instead of saying we e.g. want a place to do 3D printing or a place for students to sit and talk, we can turn things around and say “what is the feeling we would like to get”. Hence the idea of creating a new concept of learning spaces which will be cosy and friendly, yet support and spark creativity in students.


Not stopping at that, Google went further and provides help in teaching kids to code in a similar i.e. compatible way. In short, Google is making a toy system that teaches kids how to code.It’s called Project Bloks.  Bloks is a system of toy blocks that kids can connect together to control other toys and learn the fundamentals of coding in the process. Google’s intention is for Bloks to teach the logic behind coding, so that kids can pick up basic skills as they play and later transfer that knowledge to real-world applications.

This project is still in development, as a collaboration between Research at Google, Google Creative Lab and seveeral others.