It’s impossible to sum up Meraki’s philosophy in one word, but we’ll try to do it in four: creativity, innovation, simplicity and quality.

And although the company was acquired by Cisco in 2012, Meraki makes it a priority to stay close to its startup roots – one of many acquisition success stories. Beyond the tech spectacle of the offices is a story about entrepreneurship and simplicity—one about “Merakifying”, a word used to promote transformative work and positive growth.

With that in mind, Meraki has continued to develop secure data technologies and now Cisco Meraki is offering a game-changing platform, and once again the company continues to ensure they are out in front providing the market-leading support and services that clients expect.

Taking notification to the next level.

Meraki’s networking and security solutions are developed with simple use of technology and automatization in mind. The latest feature being integration of Meraki alerts with a chosen  collaboration app so you get notified immediately as a network event occurs and through a platform you pick.