Despite the rapid adoption of cloud computing and its positive impact on business, some myths, concerns and misinformation around deploying and running applications in the cloud still linger on.


Check out the following myths and consider whether your perception is closer to reality or if you’re living in your own cloud of dangerous assumptions.


Myth: Your data centre is more secure than a cloud 

Cloud data is likely protected by a higher degree of security than data stored in a traditional data centre setting as some of the most highly skilled computer scientists in the world are working to make these cloud systems virtually impenetrable.

In other words, a cloud that is built credibly and with the most the cutting-edge tools is more compliance-ready than a legacy data center. Analysts project that the number of breaches experienced by infrastructure-as-a-service systems will be at least 60% lower than those of legacy environments by 2020.


Myth: Regulators hate the cloud

Governments have become increasingly receptive in moving past cloud’s virtualized design and treating it as a viable form of technology. For instance, the in the USA, PCI Security Standards Council has issued Cloud Computing Guidelines and in Europe, the European Parliament & Council issued GDPR.


Myth: Compliance with cloud doesn’t require anything from you

Compliance is responsibility shared between the cloud service provider and the regulated company.

Cear policies and procedures should be agreed between client and cloud provider for all security requirements, and responsibilities for operation, management and reporting should be clearly defined and understood for each requirement.

Myth: Virtualisation is an enemy of compliance

Clouds are virtual machines, but what if they are created in a legacy environment? You can be fully compliant provided you meet the specific needs of a virtual environment.

For example, it is important to pay special attention to the hypervisor,  an attack surface unique to virtualisation. You should also be careful if mixing virtual machines with different trust levels, because intruders could use the ones with weaker security controls to get to ones with more sensitive data.


Myth: Compliance is easy

The truth is that compliance is complex. 

Nowadays, cloud is being used in compliant settings in order to improve security – agreeing with the notion from thought leaders that this technology is game-ready for any organisation.

It is critical to make sure that appropriate safeguards are in place, such as encryption and backup, along with a clear understanding of processes, responsibilities, and accountability.




Source: Information Age