Cisco’s 007 is called MC74 (5/10/2016)

  Gone is the need to train staff on how to use their phone. Meet MC74 from Meraki. 🙂 n the recent updates to the Meraki switch view, a subtle… Read more »

Ensure great VoIP sound with Meraki (28/09/2016)

Meraki is offering a new voice in communication, hardware with which administrators can easily configure and manage phones, even remotely. One of such devices is MC74, a cloud-managed phone. in the… Read more »

Meraki to the rescue! (11/03/2016)

VPN MADE EASY FOR ALL Ever used a public wifi connection? Yeah, that was a rethorical question. We’ve all been there and have done that. Is your company offering free… Read more »

Try out Meraki’s story site (16/12/2015)

Dave is an adventurous IT guy whose adventure include MS switches. He’s quite eager to explore where and how you can save time and money in your company. Dave has explored… Read more »