The rise in safety consciousness in today’s society can be seen in everything. Many companies have over recent decades developed a strong emphasis on safety. At the most safety-conscious companies, safety is not looked at as a cost but as an investment, and promoting safety is not a task but a culture.

Just as business has developed a safety culture, it now needs to develop a continuity culture.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) is vital in preparing and protecting business operations from disruptions caused by threats stemming from cyber attack and natural disasters. A robust business continuity program manages the likelihood and impact ranging from disruptive incidents through proactive response and recovery planning, with the objective of reducing operational downtime.

As a regional leader in BCM, Miadria, which provides help in setting up business continuity, IT disaster recovery, and information security services for organisations of all sizes across all sectors, compiled their top information for 2018 to ensure organisations protect themselves from major risks.


 “Business Continuity Management – One of the Best Investments Your Company Can Make” 


Using the expertize from the field, Miadria’s very own Mladen Baranek and  Adriana Baranek, participated recently at the Neprekinjeno poslovanje 2018 conference by Palsit and talked about Business Continuity as a Service.  Why Cloud Productivity SaaS is the best way to secure user business continuity. improve productivity and more can be found in the presentation from the conference. Feel free to share!


Business continuity plan – make sure you have one!

The possibility of disruption is real, and the potential impact is too large for organizations to not have a culture of continuity.Taking the time to develop and invest in business continuity strategies and plans is an opportunity to protect staff, clients, operations, profits and brand. It’s important to understand and identify critical processes, gaps and risks to ensure the organisation can develop effective response and recovery plans to address stakeholder expectations.

Create a continuity culture in your company and Miadria will make sure you pick the best solution for your business. Even more, our change management will make it stick. Because continuity culture is a safety culture.