Microsoft released a novel service for ingesting and processing cloud events. The Azure Event Grid takes events generated from Azure services, or custom apps, and routes them to chosen handlers. This service offers developers and operators a single event stream to tap into for serverless apps, app integration, or ops automation.


The new service makes events (like uploading a picture or video, clicking a button, updating a database, etc.) first-class Azure objects.

It also supports various Azure services with built-in handlers for events such as Functions, Logic Apps and Azure Automation, Sanders noted, adding it also provides flexibility in handling events, supporting custom Web hooks to publish events to any service, including third-party services outside of Azure.

The management of serverless events is what the Azure Event Grid is meant to help address.Event Grid will make events first-class objects in Azure, but will also work with third-party services outside Azure.

All in all, Event Grid plugs the gap existing in Microsoft’s Serverless platform. It brings together event publishers and event consumers in a loosely coupled form.