Amazon Web Services Inc. is making it easier for its customers to optimize applications running on its infrastructure with a new service called AWS Auto Scaling.

Companies typically use multiple AWS services to build their applications, and up until now that required some work to make sure the various pieces were scaling as the application required it. The company blog post announcing the new feature  explained how the new service greatly simplifies auto-scaling for developers.

Basically, the new feature takes the existing auto scaling functionality specific to each of these services and makes them easier to deploy from a single spot. This could make it less complicated for developers and AWS admins to manage their cloud resources, saving time and money in the process.

The auto scaling feature is not exclusive to AWS, as its main rival Microsoft Azure offers a similar service called Azure Autoscale that allows applications to be dynamically scaled to meet spikes in demand. Google Inc. also offers similar functions on its cloud platform, but it remains service-specific.