Gone are the days when cyber criminals were just pimpled teenagers eager to download music. In 2017, cybercrime is reaching a level of maturity and sophistication that rivals established corporations.

An Online Hostage Crisis

Ransomware is an increasingly prevalent business scheme for criminals, with more and more digitally stored information susceptible to theft. From financial documents to photos from a recent family vacation, bytes have value — some might even be considered priceless.

The Best Defense

Huffington Post writes. “We’ve used Cisco Meraki as an excellent line of defense for small to medium-sized businesses, checking all traffic that enters the network for viruses and malware to further mitigate potential risks.”

As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated, the number of cases of ransomware will also increase. After all, the internet isn’t going anywhere, which means cybercrime isn’t either. Businesses of every size must do what they can to protect against this increasingly sophisticated threat.

Here’s where big players step in to help you out. Cisco Meraki put effort into dealing with trhe WannaCry outbreak and here’s how they’re fighting malware, to keep you safe.