Walking home at night might be fun in the brightly-lit town centre, but in a bit murky areas, you might wish you had a dog with you or a bodyguard. Do not fret about it, there’s a workaround. To feel and be safer, you can also get a Companion app.

It’s a mobile app which lets a person you choose know of your whereabouts and can track your way home on Google Maps. Setting is easy and can even your granny can do it (grannies usually can’t sleep at night so are a perfect watch).

If the app detects a sudden change, like the user running or removing headphones, the app sends a notification to the user asking if they’re OK. If there’s no response within 15 seconds, the app notifies the companion, who can instantly contact the police from the app. The app will also make siren noises and go into alert mode, until the user is confirmed safe.

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