Easily create Intranet/Internet websites for your organization

SitesGoogle Sites enables you to create websites without any coding in HTML and CSS. You can create both protected websites for your project teams and public websites.

Organize your business data
The idea behind Google Sites is to organize your business data on one place and to share it with whom you want. You can access your websites from anywhere.

Make project-specific websites
It is extremely easy to make beautiful websites for specific ongoing projects in no time. Impress your clients by dedicating them a custom-made website. Also, by organizing all of the project data on one place you help your employees to be more efficient.

Make use of Google Search
Utilize Google’s powerful search engine to find content across sites. Make it easy for anyone at your company to find their answers in a seconds.

Keep data safe
Sharing controls let you decide which individuals and organizations have permission to view or edit your site. Naturally, if you like you can make your site public and available for everyone.