Audio/Video conferences and instant messaging

MeetGoogle Meet is a powerful application which enables you to visually connect with your employees and clients. It works on your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Save your time and money
No more long-distance calls or expensive hardware equipment for online conferences. No travels for eye-to-eye contact with the client. Meet drastically reduces expenses for traveling and phone bills.

Organize online meetings
You can organize meetings with up to 25 (G Suite Basic and Business) or 30 (G Suite Enterprise) worldwide partners in HD quality. The system scales the quality of the audio/video signal depending on quality of available internet connection.

Easy to use from anywhere
Your entire team can join the same Meet session from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with the same easy-to-use experience. The location becomes irrelevant.

Built-in screen sharing
Review your latest slides or give a remote tutorial with easy screen sharing, then send around useful links with built-in chat. Also, you can work in the same document with your co-workers in the Meet.

External participants
Give video meeting access to any participant using a single shared link, with clear and simple access control.

Secure meetings
All video and audio streams in Meet are encrypted. Users can join securely even when they’re off site.

Additional features
The meet is integrated with Calendar and admins have custom-controls over conferences such as limiting access for external participants, turn chat history off and ejecting participants. Noise cancellation and video signal focusing on current speaker are among numerous features of this application.