Create and edit documents in your web browser

Word processing for teams
Work on your text documents with your colleagues, wherever they are, at the same time. All of the changes are automatically saved in Drive and you always have the latest version of the document.

Comment and chat with co-workers while editing
You will love the chatting feature in Docs as you can now simultaneously work in the document with your colleagues and communicate live with all of them! Your co-workers can be within or outside your company, you just need to share document with them.

Work with all common filetypes
Although we believe Google’s filesystem is the best around, we know you have to work on other filetypes too. Dont worry though, as Google Docs allows you to open, edit and export all of the common filetypes nowadays such as .docx, .doc, .txt, .rtf, .odt, .pdf, and .html.

Track changes
Docs have unlimited revision history so you can easily track who did what and when. Drive keeps your previous versions indefinitely and those are not counted against your storage quote.

Work across devices
No matter if you are on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, you have fully featured access to all of your documents. What’s even better, you can access and edit documents even when you’re offline.

Docs comes with predefined extensive set of features, but there is no problem if you need more of it – there are a bunch of powerful productivity add-ons that will make your life easier.

If you need some features that are company-specific or you have some special requirements towards word processing application, you can write your own scripts for embedding features into your customized Google Docs.