Create beautiful presentations on the go

Easy-to-design presentations
Whether you like to design slides from scratch or you like to rely on templates, you will have your final outcome in a minutes rather than hours. Of course, you can go further than basic set up and enhance your presentation with movies, images, transitions and more. Superb built-in tools that are very easy to use are at your disposal.

Always have the latest version
As you already know, it is of vital importance that the latest version of presentation is waiting right there for you when showing it to the customer. Now, with Slides, you don’t have to worry about that – with collaboration and full revision history you will always have up-to-date slideshow.

Work with all common file types
Google Slides allows you to open, edit and export all of the common presentation’s  file types nowadays such as .pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps. The compatibility is not the issue as Google’s experts work on it every day.

Show your work from any device
Ran into the problem with the battery on your laptop in critical moment or your legacy application got damaged and won’t open? Don’t worry though, now you can show your slides from any device as your presentation is stored online, on Google Drive.

Edit your slides on the go
Review your presentation and make some crucial edits while you are in the cab or wait in the lobby for your customer. Use that time to chat with colleagues for final editing of the slides or to delete sensitive materials that you forgot to remove earlier. Track all of the changes through Revision History feature.