Online discussion boards for teams, working groups and public communities

Google GroupsGoogle Groups is a useful feature of Google Apps for Work which lets you create mail lists and forums. You can use Groups for tracking and managing queries from associates and clients.

Manage your groups
You can send emails to the group members, schedule meetings and share documents within the group and assign additional email accounts to the groups. As a Google Apps administrator, you can create and manage groups for your organization using the Groups control in the Admin console.

Convenient communication
Google Groups have simplified home page fro easy navigation and browsing with “forum view” for fast scan of topics.

Collaborative inboxes
You can manage and track queries from customers or co-workers via group. It allows group members to take a topic and resolve problems, assign topic to another group member and respond to queries using group mail address.

Manage member roles and permissions
By assigning specific roles you are able to set how each member can participate in group. A rich set of permissions allows you to customize roles in the way you want. For additional convenience there are preset roles that are already set up for you.