Google Earth Pro is a 3D application designed to provide visualization of your spatial data on top of the 3D globe.

Import, measure, style

You can use this tool to aid planning, analysis and decision making. After completing your project, you can share it with whom you want. Easy data aggregation and layering makes Google Earth Pro outstanding GIS visualization tool.

Google Earth Pro comes with advanced tool for both distance (feet, meter, miles) and area (acres, hectares) measurements. You can sit in your desk and make and evaluate projects without leaving office at all

Importing your own data has never been easier. Styling of the data upon it, too – it is simple to change the attributes for the whole dataset in minutes. Many vector and raster file types are supported, even super image overlays that scale intelligently by splitting into tiles according to the zoom level. You can also import spreadsheet full of geocoded data and quickly plot them on the map.

Show your projects

You can easily create a video presentation for your customers or stakeholders, providing them with a unique perspective for any location-based project. You can make a movie that follows the camera viewpoint to and from multiple locations.

It is possible to create maps directly from the Google Earth Pro. You can print your map in high resolution, save it as an image or PDF format. Also, you can export your map in the KML format.

If your business is looking to use Google Earth for any external purpose, choose Google Earth Pro and benefit from extended set of features and higher level of support!

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