Google Chromebook is a blazing-fast laptop that runs on linux-based Chrome OS. It is ready to work on in seconds and is optimized to run modern business apps. It brings power of the web to business.

Chromebooks are designed and built to protect you against malware and viruses so it protects your data. Moreover, all of your files are stored in Google cloud so a lost device no longer means the lost work.

Chromebooks are affordable and can dramatically reduce costs when it comes to deployment, management, security and maintenance. There is no need for installing 3rd party software for data protection.

These devices are especially suitable for kiosks in the stores or POIs as the whole set-up has never been easier – admins take cake of it through web-based management console. Chromebooks offer personalized experience to the customers just by signing in and  all of their data can be deleted automatically on sign out. Therefore, Chromebooks can be easily shared among employees without need for setting it up.

Chromebooks are also the perfect solution for schools and universities as they are easily manageable from the cloud for the large number of users.

Chromebook works best together with Google Apps for Work – professional office suite of online business tools.

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