Google GIS Solutions for Work are a suite of products that allows your company to visualize spatial information for better decision making, people and assets optimizations and engagement of your customers. Google GIS Solutions for Work let you make beautiful, efficient and robust GIS applications on top of Google’s powerful cloud infrastructure.

Google Maps for Work

Google Maps for Work

Google Maps for Work lets you visualize your spatial data on top of Google Maps, unlock hidden meaning in your vast amount of data and present your information in a more meaningful way.

Google Maps for Work enables you to create complex multi-layered maps from your data. You can import spreadsheet and make all of those row and column numbers show on top of Google Base Map. In such way you can focus on what is important for your company and by sharing your visualised data with colleagues you can make better decisions. More…

Google Maps API for WorkGoogle Maps API for Work

Google Maps API for work is a collection of APIs that makes possible for you to overlay your own spatial data on a customized or original Google Map. Powerful APIs give you the possibility to make stunning web and mobile GIS applications.

Behind the scenes you have world’s most accurate satellite and aerial imagery and active community that makes daily updates of numerous data embedding them into the maps. Up-to-date information, easy of use and responsive cloud infrastructure will boost engagement of your customers.

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